| Last Updated: February 9, 2022
Software Engineer


We are looking for software engineers, preferably proficient in Typescript. This role will involve a number of projects up and down our stack. We like people that are comfortable moving around.

How to Apply

Email hiring@seam.co. Feel free to send a Github, code sample, personal site, or a simple resume. We always respond!

Backend API

Our high-level goal is to build a device/manufacturer agnostic integration layer that connects to various devices and exposes their functionality through a simple API. This task involves integrating dozens of different IoT brands and their protocols (z-wave, zigbee, bacnet, OEM API...etc) and neatly organizing them amongst common functionality.

This is one of our client libraries. The unlock functionality presented here works the exact same way across dozen of brands. img

Seam Connect

This is an embeddable UX flow that developers add to their applications. It then allows their applications' users to grant access to their devices. Seam Connect guides users through selecting their device brands, entering their credentials, and dealing with edge cases like 2FA or multi-tenant accounts. For example, Airbnb can ask their host for access to their smart locks and thermostats. This then enables Airbnb to automate guest access and save energy while the unit is unoccupied.


Client Libraries

We often ponder how to create the best developer experience possible for our customers. To that end, we're big believers in client libraries over just offering a pure HTTP API. Though that API is available and documented, our customers have told us that being able to not think about the underlying HTTP requests makes our product enjoyable to work with. Some of our customers even suggest and implement changes to our client libraries!

Our Libraries:


We primarily write Seam using Typescript. We also believe that "best DevOps is no DevOps." To that end, we're trying to use serverless to run our entire infra. Let's just say this hasn't been without its challenges :) But we're trying different things and always open to new ideas! Our primary datastore is Postgres.