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Seam Connect

Control Your Customers' Devices

Seam Connects lets your users link their devices to your app.

Drop-in UX

Dozens of Supported Devices

Standardized APIs

seam connect hero image
seam connect hero image
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Just add code

How It Works

1 — Install Seam SDK

We provide a client-side component that your users will interact with in order to link their devices to Seam and allow you to access their devices via the Seam API.

2 — Users Select Devices

Your users are walked through the device selection and authorization. Seam Connect handles credential validation, 2FA, and error handling for each device brand that we support.

3 — Receive Device Tokens

Once a user has authorized your app, you will be able to start controlling their device. API calls are standardized across brands for specific functions.

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Always in your app

Gently Guides Your Users

Seam Connect walks your users through finding their device and authorizing your application against them.

It handles credential validation, 2FA, and errors so that you don't have to.

Seam Connect example screen
Seam Connect example screen
Seam Connect example screen
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Standardized Function Calls Across Device Types

No need to learn how each API works. Seam takes care of standardizing function calls across brands of a given device types.

Seam works across brand types
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Hello (Physical) World

Easy to Use Client Libraries

Use the API or our client libraries. As always, function calls are standardized across device brands and models.

1const seam = require('seamapi')(process.env.SEAM_API_KEY)
3const myDevices = await seam.devices.all({
4  filter: { name: 'myLock' },
7const myLock = myDevices[0]
9await seam.accessCodes.create({ lock: myLock, code: '123456'})

Ready to Get Started?

Explore our API docs or submit a request to access the Seam Connect. You can also contact us to design a custom package for your business.